How You Can Help Support Obukan

The last few months have seen a pivotal change for Obukan.  As you all know we lost the patriarch of Obukan, Onchi Sensei.  Both Obukan and Onchi Sensei have had a long legacy that we honor and will continue to grow.  Part of this growth include the official launch of our own dojo search. Our vision for the dojo will take place in two stages.  Stage one will consist of moving into a new site where we can have our own Judo mats in place and schedule Judo classes to meet our members needs for multiple class times and days. The second stage will consist of Obukan being part of a Cultural Community Center that expands to multiple Japanese arts. In addition to positive change we have a new venue for our annual tournament at the Portland Community College Cascade newest gym. We look forward to 2013 to being an exciting and growing year for Obukan. However, we need your involvement. As members we ask that you read the attached donation letter. The letter states our vision and speaks to our proud legacy.  We need our members help in spreading the vision of Obukan and its proud history. If you have the time off the judo mat please extend this letter to others and see if they will contribute to help support in growing the legacy and vision that we all are a part of.

Thank you,

Toshio Ichinoe/ Head Instructor
Dick Middlebrooks/ President