Onchi Sensei

Onchi Sensei (9th Dan)
1918 – 2013

Dear Obukan Family and Friends,

As most of you know, we lost the Patriarch of Obukan, Onchi Sensei.  Ichinoe Sensei started off practice with a moment of silence for Onchi Sensei. We honored Onchi Sensei in practice today dedicating our practice to his favorite throw Sode Tsurikomi Goshi (祖釣込腰). Onchi Sensei would always tell us to use technique over strength and to get our hip in!  Sode Tsurikomi Goshi was his technique for doing so. At the end of practice all of the students came together with the other Sensei’s and placed their hand together and yelled Obukan for as loud as they could so that Sensei could hear them one more time.In furthering honoring  Onchi Sensei, his family has invited all to the viewing and funeral.  We ask that all Obukan members and friends come and make one last bow.Thank you all for your kindness, love and respect to this great man.

Rod Conduragis

Obukan Judo

Dear Sensei and the Obukan Judo family,
I am sorry for your loss, I met Sensei many years ago and he truly had a kind spirit to me. Much guidance was given and I will be forever grateful. Please convey my condolences to his family,
Deborah Dear Onchi sensei and family,

Thank you for teaching us judo. We really learned a lot from you. We will continue doing judo.
Hikaru & Uruwa Abe

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
Please send my best regards to Sensei.
God Bless.
Jimmy Pedro
VP, Zebra Mats
2012 US Olympic Judo Coach
2 Time Olympic Medalist

We at Pacific Judo Academy would like to send our Best Wishes to the family of Sensei Jim Onchi and Mrs Fumi Onchi.
Thank you,
Bob Harder

I am deeply saddened by this. My condolences to the family and to Obukan, Thank you for letting me know. I will pay my respect.Bert Ortiz Please accept my condolence. He will be sorely missed.
Dick Hugh

Please express my condolences to Onchi Sensei’s family and his many students.
Mel Appelbaum, NYAC Judo

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Onchi family and Okuban Judo. He was a very close friend to my father, Henry”Hank” Ogawa of the Ontario, Oregon dojo. The Ogawa family

Sorry for the loss of such an honorable man. We have also been dealing with relatives passing on as of late. The Onchi family will be in our prayers as they have always been.
Mark Oakley and family

To the Onchi Family and the Obukan Family,
Onchi sensei was a great man who loved people and was dedicated to judo. He will be missed by all who knew him. He has touched so many lives and has been an inspiration to many, including myself. May God’s peace and comfort be with you in this time of grieving.
Kevin Asano
United State Judo Federation, President

Please accept our condolences from Tohkon Judo Academy in Chicago. Onchi Sensei will be missed.
Brandon Bosch,
on behalf of Tohkon Judo Academy, Chicago, IL