Obukan June 2022 Newsletter

letter from Mark - sensei
June 2022
After a two-year COVID-19break, Judo tournaments are
slowing starting to reemerge in the Pacific Northwest.
Tournaments are a great opportunity to test what you’ve
learned and practiced in the dojo. If you want to
supercharge your Judo, there is no better way to do it than
competing in a tournament. You’ll find out more about
your strengths and weaknesses in one day than you might
in one month of practice.
The key to supercharging your Judo is to use the
experience that you gain from competing in a local
tournament and thoughtfully self-reflecting on both what
went as planned and what didn’t go as planned. Bringing
back wins and losses to the dojo is not as important as
bringing back lessons learned and a focus and
determination on making adjustments in your Judo.
When you return to the dojo, what areas of your Judo do you want to focus on adjusting?
What experiences (both good and bad) did you gain? What corrections do you want to make?
Any Sensei that saw your matches or coached you, has ideas that can help you. Ask questions.
Own your Judo.
Return to the dojo and treat it as your Judo Laboratory. Experiment with different adjustments
to your Judo. As you make adjustments to your Judo, embrace failure. There has never been a
mad scientist that hasn’t failed! You’ll fail more often than succeed, but remember that Judo is
about the journey, not the end.
Learn-(Fail) Practice-Test-Repeat

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