Obukan Judo Dojo practice Shiai & Team Tournament 6494

Obukan Judo Dojo practice Shiai & Team Tournament 6494!

Congrats to everyone who participated, thank you to those who helped run it and thank you to all the parents that got their kids there!

Senior Division 1
First: Ngoc Tran
Second: Bronson Kim
Third: Tim Vincent
Fourth: Darius Saadat

Senior Division 2
First: Moua Koua
Second: Justin Houk
Third / tie: Joseph Brodsky
Third / tie: Jaaron Penn-Harris

Juniors Division 1
First: Uwa Abe
Second: Amelie Houk
Third: Olives Nguyễn
Fourth: Sarah Maker

Juniors Division 2
First: Kenji Kitaura
Second: Logan Rooney
Third: Laken Early-Wylde
Fourth: Gus Bossenbroek

Juniors Division 3
First: Christian Senffner
Second: Naomi Luther
Third: Kiana Kitaura
Fourth: Jack Bossenbroek

Teams Juniors:
First: Amelie, Laken, Chris
Second: Olives, Logan, Kiana
Third: Kenji, Gus, Naomi
Fourth: Uwa, Sarah, Jack

Teams Senior:
First: Moua, Tim, Jaaron
Second: Ngoc, Joseph, Khoa
Third: Kim, Justin, Darius

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