Obukan 2018 Tournament

62nd Annual Obukan Judo Shiai and Kata / Onchi Sensei Memorial Tournament

2018 Full Obukan Tournament Information Packet

Registration Steps:

This year, we are instituting a new procedure for weigh ins, that will be more efficient for everyone. Steps 1 and 2 are the same as in previous years. Steps 3 and 4 are new.

Step 1. Valid National Registration. Make sure you have a valid USJF, USA Judo, USJA or NGB card prior to registering for the Shiai or Kata competition in Eventbrite.

Step 2. Register in Eventbrite. Enter tournament and pay on-line through Eventbrite at obukanjudo.org by March 22, 2018. Entry fee is $ 35 for the first division and $ 20 for an additional division. Please note, to keep quality at its highest level, we will limit the number of contestants to approximately 250.

NEW Weigh in procedure!

Step 3. Satellite Weigh in. Between March 20−22, go to a designated satellite weigh in location and weigh in (scroll down for list.)

How to be a Satellite Weigh in Location: Contact Rod Conduragis or Mark Hirota at 503−208−3035, obukantournament@gmail.com. Provide the following: name of dojo, physical address where weigh ins will take place, weigh in dates and times (between March 20 and March 22) and responsible person’s name, email address, phone number.

Responsible person’s actions: Verify contestant has registered in Eventbrite, collect signed waiver, copy of National Registration card, Weigh in contestants, Fill in weigh in information, Email in weigh in form before midnight March 22 to obukantournament@gmail.com., Drop off signed waiver, copy of National Registration card at the venue on Saturday morning.

Note, you must have already registered in Eventbrite and paid your entry fee prior to weighing in. Present your Eventbrite confirmation, signed waiver and copy of National registration card. See the list of Satellite weigh in locations listed below (scroll down for list.)

Step 4. Report to the Mat. Having completed the steps above, simply report to the venue on Saturday March 24.

Tournament opens at 9 am.

Walk Up Registration (March 23rd ONLY): Walk up registration and weigh in only allowed on March 23rd, 6:00pm to 8:30 pm at the venue. Walk up entry fee is $ 80 for the first division and $ 50 for an additional division.

Weight Challenge Procedure: Contestants of similar weight range will be placed in a division. Any contestant that appears to be significantly heavier than that weight range could be requested to verify their weigh by stepping on a scale. A reasonable weight allowance will be given above their officially submitted weigh in weight.

Current list of satellite weigh-in Dojos:

Check back soon!