Practice Times:
Open Mat – 6pm -7:30pm
New Judo For Women – 7:30pm – 8:30pm
Tuesday and Thursday:
Juniors and Beginners – 6pm – 7pm
Seniors – 7pm- 8:30pm
Saturday Morning:
Advanced – 8am-10am.
Kata -10:30am-noon

Where: 7333 NE Fremont Map

Ph: (503) 208-3035

Obukan Club Dues

New At Obukan:
Saturday Morning Practices:
Advanced Judo followed by Kata

Saturday Morning Judo!! Get up, get your blood flowing, your toes moving and your Uchikomi going!!! 8am winning Judo practice! Winning by Ippon.. we are old school. You ain’t winning unless your scoring Ippon…
Stick around after for Kata with Ichinoe Sensei from 10:30am – Noon.
New At Obukan:
Judo For Women

Every Monday from 7:30 – 8:30pm. This practice is for beginner through intermediate judoka of all ages. We’ll work on building strong technique, core muscle strength, endurance, balance, movement, composure, focus, and confidence. Practices will cover various throws, falling and ground work. We’ll also cover history, rules, and kata too. Wow! Get in shape and make your judo better – all while having a ton of fun – Don’t miss it!!
Obukan News

Obukan at OSU Tournament
Obukan at OSU Tournament
Congratulations Obukan! What a fun day at the OSU tournament. OSU put on a great tournament. Every Obukan player did well. Justin C. Houk moved well and fought with his whole heart for a...
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Promoted To Rokudan!
Promoted To Rokudan!
Obukan is proud to announce the promotions of both Mark Hirota Sensei and Rod Conduragis Sensei to the rank of Rokudan, blackbelt 6th degree. Congratulations!!!
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Wednesday Night Newaza
Wednesday Night Newaza
Old School Newaza tonight at Obukan!! Wednesday Night Judo Starts at 6:30 PM!!! Give yourself 6 months of this class and watch the changes in your Judo Game!! Can you commit? First Half No-Gi...
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Lots of good technique at today's Shiai. More photos to follow. ... See MoreSee Less

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Hey Obukan!
Today's Rummage/Garage sale was very successful! We had a blast! I want to give a big thank you to Senffners, Luthers, and Watters! Also thank you to the members for donating your goods! Hope we can do this again next year👍🏼
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Rod ConduragisHikaru Abe congratulations on leading this awesome fund raising event!!

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Rod Conduragis shared Culture Judo's video to the group: Obukan Judo Dojo, Inc.

Culture Judo
Ngoc Tran, Tanor Morinaka, Justin C. Houk, Hikaru Abe. Inokuma had the best Taiotishi ever. Marko Marko Iwashita had this same style. Study how he comes in. Look at his right arm lifting, look at his head and where he is looking before entry during and after. Look at his leg placement. His legs come all the way across with out stoping!!!!! Let's do this. 👌

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Judo Tokyo 1964 Inokuma (JPN) vs Kiknadza (USSR)

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Rod ConduragisTanor Morinaka do you see in his second TaiOtoshi how he works his right hand//wrist? How he doesn't come right in? He sets up by opening Kiknadza up first, then placing/resting his right hand up on his shoulder and hand by his face. Once its there he comes is so powerful. He jumps across with both feet facing forward. No placing his foot sideways like Ngoc Tran is doing in his uchikomie. Ngoc Tran can you and Tannor see the difference?? Can you?????

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