Judo Clinic: In support of the Judo Jon Fund

Hosted by Obukan Judo and Team Quest

November 20th
Registration 9:30 – 10:00
Clinic 10:00 – 12:00
At Team Quest in Gresham
18206 SE Stark Street Portland, OR 97233 MAP
(503) 661-4134

Please join us for Judo Clinic to support the Judo Jon Fund. This is a free Judo Clinic with any donations gladly accepted to support the Judo Jon Fund.

Most fights start standing. Add judo to your strategy. Take your Judo, BJJ, and MMA to the next level!

The Clinic will concentrate on using Judo throws to transition into groundwork. Strategy will include grips, movement, and combinations. From throws directly into chokes, arm bars and controlling the body.

Learn how to: Grip, throw (smash), block, and use your legs to extend your chokes and arm bars. GI and No – GI application of techniques will be explored.  GI’s are highly recommended.

Instruction led by a combination of Obukan Judo instructors and Team Qwest.

Toshio Ichinoe, 7th Dan
Rod Conduragis, 5th Dan
Scott McQuary, 2nd Dan

2010 Ranier Cup, Tacoma Washington

10 Obukan Judoka competed in the 2010 Ranier Cup on Saturday. Place winners included:

Hikaru Abe 1st
Liam Shea 3rd
Abigail Shea 3rd
Sam Guadarrama 3rd
Ian Watters 2nd
Danjiro Duffy 3rd
Dominik Chemnitz 3rd

There was a lot of tough competition and everyone fought hard and showed good Judo.  Obukan also provided three referees for the tournament Julie Koyama (head referee), Richard Muller, Eric Lonsbury, and Izumi Ikeda.

Obukan’s Mark Hirota Reports Back As A Referee At The Pan American Sub 15 and Sub 13 Championships

Pan American Sub 15 and Sub 13 Championships, Oct 1-Oct 2, Panama City, Panama

I would like to thank the USA Judo Referee Commission for giving me the opportunity to participate in this event.  From this, I was able to gain valuable experience in refereeing and interacting with fellow PJC Referees.  The following are my notes on the tournament as well as various observations.
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