Instructor Assignments

Obukan Judo Beginning / Transition Class The following is the instructor assignments for the next three months (October, November and December). The assignments are set with the assumption that each practice night, there will be beginning falling students and transition class students. A beginning class student has taken judo for 6 classes or less and is characterized by still being a little tentative in ukemi waza and still mastering basic terminology.  Refer to your instructor handbook. A transition student has taken judo for more than 6 classes and is characterized by a good grasp of ukemi waza and is fearless in falling.  They have a mastery of basic terminology and are ready to move on to Tachi-waza and Ne-waza.  Refer to your instructor handbook. If you are assigned as a Lead person, your responsibility is to figure out who is in your class for the night and where they are in their Judo training.  If there are no students in your assigned class that night, you are free to work out in the main class. If you are assigned as an assistant, your responsibility is to discuss with the leads, which class you will be assisting with for the night.  If you will not be able to attend practice on a night that you have an instructor assignment, please contact Mark Hirota  as soon as possible.

Here is the Beginner Course Teacher Manual

Class Date        Beginners Lead               Transition Lead           Alternate

10/26/13              Aboudi                                Lonsbury                        T. Koyama

10/01/13              Hirota                                   Watters                           Rooney
10/03/13              Hirota                                   Watters                           Rooney

10/08/13              T. Koyama                          Aboudi                            Rooney
10/10/13              T. Koyama                          Aboudi                            Rooney

10/15/13              Rooney                               Lonsbury
10/17/13              Rooney                               Lonsbury

10/22/13              Wakimoto                           Kramer                            Lonsbury
10/24/13              Wakimoto                           Kramer                            Lonsbury

10/29/13              Rooney                               Watters                           Wakimoto
10/31/13              Rooney                               Watters                           Wakimoto

11/05/13              Lonsbury                            Aboudi                            Kramer
11/07/13              Lonsbury                            Aboudi                            Kramer

11/12/13              Wakimoto                           Hirota                               Watters
11/14/13              Wakimoto                           Hirota                               Watters

11/14/13              Kramer                                 T. Koyama                      Aboudi
11/19/13              Kramer                                 T. Koyama                      Aboudi

11/21/13              Watters                               Rooney                          Hirota
11/26/13              Watters                               Rooney                          Hirota

11/28/13              Aboudi                                Lonsbury                        T. Koyama
12/03/13              Aboudi                                Lonsbury                        T. Koyama

12/05/13              Hirota                                   Wakimoto                       Rooney
12/10/13              Hirota                                   Wakimoto                       Rooney

12/12/13              T. Koyama                          Kramer                            Lonsbury
12/17/13              T. Koyama                          Kramer                            Lonsbury