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Obukan at OSU Tournament

Congratulations Obukan! What a fun day at the OSU tournament. OSU put on a great tournament. Every Obukan player did well. Justin C. Houk moved well and fought with his whole heart for a well deserved 2nd place. Bronson Kim settled down and played some great judo! Way to go Bronson for your 3rd place! Nathan Pham also settled down and moved really well demonstrating very good judo and got a 4th place. Bronson Barnett showed he had been on vacation in his first match, but dominated the rest. 1st place for Bronson! Ngoc Tran was in 2 divisions and did very well. Some of the black belts he fought were strong, but he demonstrated great commitment even with an injury. Ngoc got a 1st and a 2nd place. Great job Nogc! Hikaru Abe also fought in two divisions. The black belt division had a much bigger and stronger black belt with lots of experience, but Hikaru fought hard and smart. Congratulations for a 1st and 2nd place! Tanor Morinaka played with great intensity and skill. Tanor had the throw of the day of many great throws. In the finals he got caught but he had several powerful attempts that were very close. Tanor got a 2nd place. Well done Tanor! Thanks to John Watters for helping with the coaching.

OSU tournament results
Hikaru Abe – 1st and 2nd
Siobhan McGrath – 2nd (happy birthday!)
Ngoc Tran – 1st and 2nd
Bronson Kim – 3rd
Nathan Pham – 4th
Tanor Morinaka – 2nd
Bronson Barnett – 1st
Justin C. Houk – 3rd

Obukan takes 1st in team competition as well.

Promoted To Rokudan!

Obukan is proud to announce the promotions of both Mark Hirota Sensei and Rod Conduragis Sensei to the rank of Rokudan, blackbelt 6th degree. Congratulations!!!

Wednesday Night Newaza

Old School Newaza tonight at Obukan!!
Wednesday Night Judo Starts at 6:30 PM!!! Give yourself 6 months of this class and watch the changes in your Judo Game!! Can you commit? First Half No-Gi throwing , 2nd half extreme Newaza

Obukan Kangeiko (Winter Pra


10 days of straight Kodokan Judo practice for Junior and Seniors at Obukan!! We are opening our doors to all Pacific NW Judo dojos to participate!!! Ten straight days of Judo! Push yourself through all 10 days. Participants will get a certificat of completion. But more important you will improve your Judo.

Concentation on:
1. Riai (the principle of using correct, sufficient motion to perform each technique properly with maximum efficiency) such as Kuzushi, Tsukuri and Kake.

2. Using the Judo Map to maximize your combination techniques.

3. Tachiwaza direclty into Newaza turning you thow into ippon on the mat! ( Newaza makes your Tachiwaza better!!)

4. Your Tokui Waza ( Favorite technique)-work on you personal judo throws and mat techniques

Practice times:
1/11 Monday 6pm
1/12 Tuesday 7pm
1/13 Wednesday 7pm
1/14 Thursday 7pm
1/15 Friday 7pm
1/16 Saturday 10 AM / Ojukan 2016 Kagami Biraki ceremony and open practice, at the Hillsboro National Guard Amory
848 NE 28th Avenue Hillsboro, Oregon 97123 MAP
1/17 Sunday 10:30
1/18 Monday 6pm
1/19 Tuesday 7pm
1/20 Wednesday 7pm

Obukan Judo sharing Judo for 90 years since 1926!