Sensei Jim Onchi Memorial Shiai



We had a very successful relaunch of the 57 annual Obukan tournament as our first Jim Onchi Sensei Memorial Shia. It was only successful because of all of your support. The Pacific NW Judo Community is fantastic! Our new venue at Portland Community College Cascade campus was well received as we gathered valuable and positive feedback from spectators, players, Sensei’s and referees.  It didn’t hurt that we had a beautiful warm and sunny day in Portland that allowed lots of natural light through the wall of windows for the event. The tournament had a good turnout with just being shy of 200 competitors.  Next year we plan to do an even better job and have a goal to break the 200 mark.  We will keep on innovating and improving the tournament year after year.  We want the Jim Onchi Sensei Memorial Shia to always benefit you and the sport of judo. We also want to make sure that our tournament gives back to the community as Jigoro Kano would want.

This year at the tournament we announced the Jim Onchi Scholarship which will be a
$500 award to a college bound student at next years tournament.

We also had 4 special awards.
Two for best techniques and two for the spirit of judo:

1. Best Technique Juniors: Braden Goucher / Bushikan Judo Dojo  
2. Jocelyn Latka Spirit Award: Scott Carr / McCall Judo Dojo  
3. Best Technique Seniors: Nick Wallick / Ippon Dojo    
4. Jim Onchi Sensei “Spirit” Award: Jason Harai/ Sensei Ippon Dojo
( this award can go to a player, Sensei, Referee or paren

Here is  the medals awarded as a PDF file for your review.
It is our hope that we see your students and give out even more medals next year.

We saw lots of great judo in Portland and can’t wait to see everyone again!

Thank you all again,

Rod Conduragis & Julie Koyama
Obukan Judo Dojo Tournament Co-Chairs

p.s. If you’re in Portland and have your Gi, come on by and see us!
Heck if you don’t have your Gi still come on by!  :))